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Your List of Questions

​Bring with you, a neatly typed  list of your questions.
The Subconscious/Higher self is there ready, willing and able to help you.  Ask what you wish to have help with and Irene will do her best to get all your questions answered during your session.
Question Categories:
Start from the top of your head and work your way down, think about everything you would like healed in your body.    For Example.  Clearer eyesight, joints, hearing, more testosterone, Cancer, Blood disorders, Asthma, Eczema etc.   Irene will ask the Higher Self to do a complete body scan on you and check on it periodically throughout your session.​
Life Purpose:
Always wanted to know why you're here?   Why do you have connections with a specific time period?  I feel so unsettled, how can I have more balance? Why do you think about certain things?  Why you're so different from everyone else?
*Fears/Phobias:  Why am I afraid of water?  Why do I fear being poor?  Why do I hate men?   Why do I hate women? Why do I fear Horses? 
*Things you really dislike: I really don't like my job, is it a good idea to quit it?  I really don't like a certain person,place or thing why?

*Do you suffer from Spiritual Discomfort?
Do you struggle with if there's a higher power?  Do you hear things?  Do you see things?  Do you have physical symptoms that come and go and never manifest fully?

* Present Life Purpose/Mission:  What is my purpose?   Am I doing what I'm suppose to be doing? ​  What could I be doing that I'm not doing?

* Gifts: What gifts do I possess this lifetime that I can enhance?   May I be gifted with something from a previous lifetime?  A language? Psychic ability? 

* Questions of your Higher Power?  Ever have questions about the Universe, God or anything that you wanted the answers to?  Now is the time to ask them.  Have unexplainable interests in UFO's?  Foreign lands? Can I meet my Guides or Angels?

* Agreements/Contracts with People You Know In Your Present Life:  What are your soul contracts with loved ones, friends and coworkers? New Loves, are they good for me?
I simply act as a facilitator and ask your questions. “YOU” allow the answers to surface & respond verbally. I offer 34 years as a Spiritual Counselor, Reader, Healer and almost 20 years as a Medium.  It is my intent to help each and every one of you achieve your Highest potential in this lifetime.  Come and integrate fully with all of who you are with all that is!   NOW IS THE TIME!

© 2013 Irene Richardson & Your Life Hypnosis & Crystal Forests LLC  *  38 S. Market St. Suite 3, Frederick, MD 21701 * 301-524-9572 * All rights reserved

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