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Practice 1


1.  Close your eyes and picture yourself walking down a path in a forest.

2.  Now add to your picture the sounds of the forest and birds chirping,

3.  Now add the feeling of a soft breeze ever so softly caressing your face.

4.  Now add the smells you'd come across in a forest, smells of pine and fresh air.

5. Then add the crunchyness of the leaves under your feet as you walk through the woods. 


Did you notice by adding each of these senses expanded your image and made it more realistic?


Practice 2


1.  Close your eyes and  SEE  What does your kitchen look like?  Take in all of the details of your kitchen.

2.  How does the refrigerator feel to the TOUCH in your kitchen?  Does it have a smooth texture or a rough texture?

3.  What SMELLS are in your kitchen?  Is there anything cooking on the stove or in the oven?  Perhaps a pie?

4.  You've just taken the pie out of the oven, and you are going to eat a piece.  What flavor do you TASTE?

5.  What are the SOUNDS in your kitchen?  Did you set a timer for when the pie would be ready? 

6.  Take the time to FEEL how good it is to eat a fantastic pie you just baked in the oven in your kitchen. 


Which senses worked best for you?  Which ones were difficult?  Recalling past lives is as simple as the exercises above. 

Practice for your Hypnosis Session!

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