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Quantum Healing Faq

Can my partner sit in on a session?    No, sometimes you cannot be completely open during your session if a spouse or significant other is sitting there.  All sessions are one on one.   You may share your session afterwards. 
Can sessions be done remotely via Phone or Skype?  No, absolutely not.  The care of the client is of the utmost importance.   All sessions must be done in person. 


What if my belief system doesn’t  support reincarnation?  Not a problem, your imagination will take over and so will your Higher Self guide you during your experience.  It doesn’t matter as long as it’s helpful and makes a positive contribution to your life.


How do I find the right Practitioner for me?  Your intuition will help you find the person that fits you best.  Call them, visit their website and see if you feel comfortable.  You may feel an instant connection and have an immediate knowing that that person is right for you.

Must you have many years experience to have a great session?  No, some of the most amazing experiences come from the early sessions of a Practitioners career.  The main thing is that you feel comfortable. 

What is the best way to prepare for a session? State out loud to your self or tell your self silently.  I have clear and direct communication with my higher self.  Do not drink a lot before your session.  Take the time to daydream, getting your mind in a very relaxed state is beneficial. 


I don’t think I can be hypnotized.  I tried this before and it didn’t work.  Hypnosis is not anesthesia.  You will be very conscious during your session.  Very much like doing a very mundane chore around the house and you mentally “check out” and you’re done with the chore yet you weren’t present for it.  We try to get you to go very deep, it’s really up to you how deep you choose to go.    The only ones that cannot be hypnotized are the people who are severely and mentally ill.  Very much like guided imagery you are a part of your experience.
What can I expect during my session?
1 out of 8 people do not "Go Under" during a session.  You most likely will be very conscious during your session.  You will see, feel, and hear everything that is going on.  Trust what you see, hear and feel and be sure to tell me what you See, Feel & Hear.   Everything is relevant.  We are many times throughout the day in "Trance".  Think about it..  When you're driving your car, doing dishes, folding laundry any chore that's mundane we all tend to check out while it's happening.  ​So just know that you will probably experience a level of trance while doing this work. 
How young can a person be to get a session?
The youngest age that will be allowed to be regressed is 16 years old.  The client must have written and verbal consent from their parent to participate in QHHT.  We will sit for the first 15 mins with your parent and discuss any concerns they have regarding why you are having a session.  Any questions will be addressed and the parent must agree to allow me to sit with their child unattended.  Everything is recorded and the parent will be allowed to listen to the session also.  Unless the client and parent have an agreement not to. 
Can parents be a surrogate to a younger child?
Younger children can be helped by the parent being a surrogate for the child.  The parent will sit in leiu of the child and discuss their concerns, we then go through the regression and connect to your higher self and the child's higher self.  If healing is meant to happen it will.  Unless of course there is a contract on the soul level that has been agreed to, then nothing can be done.   Not all requests are granted.  Sometimes it's in the clients soul growth to go through the things they are experiencing. 

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