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"My QHHT session with Irene Richardson at Crystal Forests was nothing short of amazing. She is truly gifted.


As Irene took me into a light hypnosis, I could feel myself floating to the side of the chair, and once that happened, my Higher-Self started to access past lives that started to come through. I could see clearly all of the visions that I was being shown.


No less than four lifetimes came through, and gave me great meaning of what I have experienced in this lifetime.  Now I know why things are the way they are and how to rectify them.


If you are considering a QHHT or Past Life Regression Session, there is no one better than Irene. She was very professional at all times and comfortably guided me through the whole process.


Receiving a Past Life Regression should only be done by someone you can trust, and Irene is one of those people, without a doubt."


Chris Mochin

Swoyersville, PA



Hi Irene, One of my daughters helped me open the recordings you sent and I listened to them today. This was one of those “bucket list” things for me and I’m so glad you helped me. I’m still not sure that I was completely “under”, though after listening in, today, my wife, Merelie thinks that I was as does my daughters. Oh, in reference to that 1st life we visited when I couldn’t remember my wife’s name; For some reason the name “Anna” Has been popping into my head. Also I think it was civil War era, though I also think I was a man of peace and possibly a farmer or planter! Anyway, thank you for such a unique experience.

Lonny (Wyatt!!!!!) W. Maryland




Just wanted to thank you for the Healing session, it was very informative and beneficial. I found that after the session my sinus & allergy issues started to go away very fast, started the next day I was very excited. Many other of the physical I can tell are being worked on, can't wait for more to report.

I have also found that my subconscious has been making progress on the things that have been holding me back. I have been able to focus and accomplish more. I can tell there is more to get done but at least things are getting started. I have been able to see progress in many areas, looking forward to seeing progress in the rest.

Thank you again, I am excited about the future.

Trish C - Frederick, MD


Irene creates a safe and healing atmosphere in which to heal in. I was never uncomfortable. She has the perfect voice for this work.

Some surprising results for me has been the desire for healthier food and my blood sugars have been affected in a good way.

Thank you, Irene!!

Mary Cameron



My session was one of the best things I have ever done.  My eczema is almost gone and the scarring is almost completely faded.  I have had some weird headaches since I saw you, but other than that, I feel great.  I feel that "messages" keep coming to me any time they feel like coming through.  I hear and see things frequently and I am not used to that.  It's kind of cool because I am getting information about things that I must be thinking  about on a subconscious level.  Also, I am more sensitive to how others are feeling.    ~Michelle



Hi Irene,

Before my QHHT session, I had heavy negative feelings plaguing me for a long time. In addition to that, my energy level was very low and I was just going through the motions of life. After my session, I felt like there was a "release" of negative energy. I have more energy now and I look at things differently, with a much more positive outlook.




Wow!!! If nothing else my session yesterday gave Ron and I a real good laugh. The lives have been running through my brain all day. The one I see the most is the one where Ron accidentely killed me so that one must have had the most impact on me in my growth. I figured out why Chris showed you a turtle. I received an email from my partner on Tuesday asking if I was a tortoise or a rabbit based on the story. I think Chris was telling me that I am a turtle!!!! I couldn't decide which I was. So funny!!! I am still a little out of it today. My nose feels funny and I feel disoriented. Chris is staying with me - have chills constantly. Also, have a slight headache. Ron kept rewinding the part where Chris was talking to you through me. He kept saying, I don't know what to believe. My reply was "well I sure the heck wasn't making stuff up - I had no control at all" His face was priceless when the duck on the spaceship came up. I laughed so hard I doubled over. Shanan and her husband Ryan picked on me for quite a while. Ryan said he was a chicken from mars. So glad I could give my family a good laugh. Thanks so much for being my friend and advisor. Ang_______________________________________________________________________________________

Where do I start? I mean part of me feels like it was part of a Capital One commercial. OK, all kidding aside, it was quite the positive experience.  I see many ways that what came up was very relevant today. The big difference is that I was able to see the end result.

Looking at Angus's life, after all of that tragedy, he stayed way from everyone, living in the sticks in a house that was almost cave like. Not much different from me moving to Dickerson and living in a basement.

Honestly, I wasn't sure how much of that was real. That was until I listened to the recording. What said was important, but the proof positive was how I said it. There were certain phrases that I used were not of this time. (i.e. "I'm going to the pacific to fight the. Japanese." instead of saying it WWII. It wasn't called WWII until later.

And Angus, oh my dog. And to hear you in the background trying to keep from losing it was funny. I mean, who says that shit. Me apparently. I know it was real. The tears were real, the images were real. That is the most important part.


Here's what's different thus far:

Sleep - like a rock and I am not waking up in a panic.

Motivation - I am getting up and doing things that I need to get done. Yesterday I did something that I have been putting off for months.

Temperament - I am more at ease and not as worried. I have more faith in the outcomes.

I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. It was cool. And I initiated it.

Thanks for this. It was very insightful and helpful. ~Dennis




Just wanted to give you an update on Michelle I have definitely have seen a change in her. She is more pleasant and happy doesn't get as angry as before and just like she is enjoying herself and the people around her again. She is weening herself off her anxiety medicine we had read up on it and it says if you stop cold turkey there would be a lot of side effects so we are going slow with it and get her off of it. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate everything you have done and I will keep you updated on her progress but so far I can tell you she is a lot better. Thanks again




I am feeling pretty good.  I have noticed that I am beginning to become more patient with people, Mike in particular. I have also noticed that I have become more at ease with my relationship with Mike; I find that I am just letting things happen instead of thinking about everything that could go wrong/ right.


I do think it was worth while; seeing what I learned in past lives has helped me to become more aware of things that I need to change, like the patience. I would absolutely do it again! I would be interested in finding out more about where I have come from and did. I already have told people about my session... about 6 in fact!   It is reassuring to know that Mike was my husband in 2 of my past lives since we are talking about a future together.  Chelsey


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