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Benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

  • To start  with, the appropriate times and places that we may come upon can seem somewhat random – yet make no mistake – at the end when we ask for insight to the life lessons and the reasons for being shown that life time all is revealed.
  • The chance to ask  questions of your Higher Self that you have always wanted to ask – such as What am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What is my purpose in this life? Or even – are there any people in my life who I have had dealings with in past lives?  How incredible is that?
  • The opportunity to confront and remove limiting personal fears, as you become an observer as your Higher Self helps you to understand current physical emotion, mental and spiritual  issues from a place much higher than yourself.
  • Bringing any limitations up front, as you experience a greater understanding of the challenges and lessons experienced on a daily basis in this life time.
  • As the Higher Self is All That Is, observe as you knowingly step beyond your own beliefs to discover your own truth.
  • Gain a much clearer understanding of your life, your relationships and remembrance of the original ‘blueprint’ you drew up with your Masters of Light before you came to this life as well as access to your own Akashic Records
  • Gain insight to your unlimited personal potential and power
  • Recognize and understand the unseen reasons for past and present events in your life
  • Retrieve and merge any fragmented parts that need to be worked with
  • Experience the absolute first-hand verification of your personal immortality
  • Free yourself from inaccurate opinions, conclusions, and no longer pertinent belief systems
  • Understand the clearer vision of your universal plan
  • Understand the natural process of birth and death
  • Experience the Higher Self as it scans your body and carries out all sorts of healings – which can be either immediate, subtle and incremental over time, depending on your own beliefs in play, around celllular regeneration – make no mistake – with myself and with others I have seen changes!

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