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I coined this phrase during our sharing session with our class after we did our practice regressions on 5/3/2013.  No One realized the extent of literally getting a makeover for your entire body.  During class I pondered all of the things that were wrong with me physically and things I'd like back.  It was almost as if I was writing a Country music song!  The following are things " I wanted back". 

I wanted my Natural Hair color back!   I wanted my youthful skin back!  I wanted a youthful body back!  My list consisted of 20 or more things from brightening my eye color to spider veins and even healing a difficult hip issue.  It is truly unlimited what you can do with this technique.  I'm keeping track of my progress and will post my photos after 6 months to see the difference.  Today is 5/11/2013. 

I shared with my class that my intentions are to put the Health Care Industry out of business, Viagra out of business and even the Hair Club for Men out of business!  Trust me when I tell you I am so motivated to help all of you that it's not even funny!  I know how this technique made me feel.  I could feel my body being worked on Energetically during my session.  I look forward to sharing my results in the months to come. 

Dress comfortably and make sure you have had enough sleep. You will be lying face up for your session, fully clothed with pillows and blanket provided as needed. (Try to have no caffeine or alcohol before your session. Eat enough and hydrate ahead of time so you are not hungry or dehydrated.) You will be sent out to immediately eat and “ground” after your session and re-integration talk time. NO CELL PHONE OR ANY DEVICE ALLOWED ON IN THE ROOM.

Conscious Preparation Steps For Maximum Healing Results:
Practice lying down without falling asleep, and deep breathe into your abdomen, allowing your entire body to totally relax. This will really help you more easily enter a deeper Theta brain wave state during your sessions. In the majority of the sessions, you will still be conscious of everything, which is why I do not even like to use the word ‘hypnosis’.  For most people, it triggers what one has seen in movies; performing parlor tricks and making people do foolish things in public. This technique is nothing like that! It is simple and relaxing and has been perfected by Dolores over 45 years on thousands of clients with good success. Often the client reports coming away with one key phrase or answer that they feel puts everything in place for them.

1. Release any outstanding “karma”/ “unfinished business” by “LETTING GO and FORGIVING” yourself and others. Understand that through the eyes of ‘Source/Oneness/SC’, there is no judgment; right or wrong.  (Look up Ho’Oponopono on the internet for a great release tool.)           

2. Process and transform your fears. QHHT helps you to do this by giving you greater clarity about where those fears originate from. Then it’s much more easy to let them go quickly.

3. Continually re-evaluate your beliefs to free yourself of linear outdated cultural, religious, and ancestral dogma.

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