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Here's my progress since my QHHT Session.

Ever since my own personal session on May 2, 2013, I have since stopped biting my fingernails and have been back at the YMCA working out since May 22, 2013.  I go three times a week.  I hadn't gone for 2.5 years as I had broken my ankle in 3 places.  I have 12 Screws a plate and rope in that ankle. I couldn't work out as I had excruiating Hip Pain in the opposite leg.  Since my regression my hip pain is down to 30% pain on and off.   


I also noticed my Psychic ability has become even better than before. 


I also asked for my natural hair color to return  ( Ginger or Red) I'll keep taking photos and post them here.  I also asked for my spider veins to be repaired.  I'll be posting them also. 


I had to share so you can see that I truly believe in this process.  It's changing lives in incredible ways.



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