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What to Expect during a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

The energy work we will do together will access pertinent patterns of energy and make changes directly at that point, rather than ‘running’ or ‘channeling’ energy, as the older modalities such as Reiki and other similar practices used to do.
We will be accessing biological information fields that form part of an active and constantly resonating Matrix.  This Matrix as Greg Braden defines in his excellent book ‘The Divine Matrix is ‘a place where all things begin, the place of pure energy that simply is’.  And in this quantum incubator for reality, all things are  possible – from our personal success, abundance, and healing to our failure, lack and disease  . . . everything from our greatest fear to our deepest desire begins in this “soup” of potential’.  As the vibrations & waveforms in this matrix can be changed, we will work together to collapse a current reality, eg injury patterns/situations which seem stuck within the body or emotions.  We will then re-introduce new information so as to produce new and more useful possibilities within your life that are more compatible with the person you truly want to be.

And as all disease may be defined as a blockage, disruption or some type of distortion or cessation arising in the matrix of these information fields, with physical and emotional injuries impairing communication at a cellular level, Advanced Energy Healing has the potential to allow the body to access this amazing field of possibilities choosing for itself new information so that it can better respond to stimuli both within its internal and external environments.
Physically you will be totally aware throughout the session, yet you may appear to be in a deep trance – most clients snore and even hear themselves snoring yet wonder why that is, as they are actually not asleep! Going to this level of consciousness is a sign that your body has released its resistance to change, and that these changes are actually being dealt with at a very deep level.


Some clients on the other hand, prefer to remain at a more alert level so that we can have an ongoing dialogue whilst the session is going on.  And it really does not matter which way your prefer – the same amazing work of transformation will begin.

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