Channeling an English Lab

December 15, 2017



I had the wonderful opportunity to Channel an English Lab named Kayla today. All these years of bringing in People it never occured to me to try and bring in peoples Furkids.

It feels the same way it does to bring in people for me. I feel them enter my body through the crown of my head and then they settle in. Arms, legs, torso and their head all in alignment.


As I was feeling her energy I felt an block of energy over the right side of my chest. Come to find out she had a Mammary tumor there. She made me feel like I was big, I felt like a Lab with a St. Bernard mix. My head felt big, my body felt big. Mom confirms she part English Lab and German Shepherd. I was like, no my head is huge. I don’t think she’s German Shepherd. She was such a sweet dog, so laid back. Devoted to her Mom never leaving her side. The coolest part of all... I heard her speak in English! That’s been happening for me for the past year.


The other thing I felt was that I ate something that I shouldn’t have and it was lodged in my intestines on the right side. She said OMG! She ate a pendant that I was wearing. She never pooped it out. She decided to let her have it thinking that was Kayla’s way of staying close to her while she’s in Spirit.


Kayla also acknowledged the new dog the family got 6 months ago and also show a dog sliding because of wood floors. She confirmed that they had to put rugs down as this dog is quite busy!


I’ve been doing this work for such a long time. I love how amazed I still get at the information Spirit gives me whether or not They are a two legged, four legged, winged one or finned one.


Trust and know that your babies are still with you even though they are no longer here.



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