Irene is a very experienced Reader.  She has over 30 years experience.  Her abilities allow her to tune into any situation. Her guides work with "Topics".  She doesn't like to waste your time or her time.  For instance if you want to tune into a relationship she needs the persons first and last name and if you have a birthdate too great!  That's all she needs.  She wants to focus on what's important for you.  This work is so important to her and wants everyone to have a positive experience!  


She is also a gifted Medium.  She has been connecting Loved Ones in Spirit since 1997.  Her favorite thing to do is to connect people with their Loved Ones giving them insight to whether or not they are around their families.  They share all kinds of things!  She is also able to communicate with your Furkids in Spirit too!   Just over the last year they have started  talking to her in English!  It's an amazing process to watch!


She can focus on any of your life situations that you need clarity on.  Considering a new move? A new career? A new Love?  Have an important business decision to make?  A career or life changing decision?  Or just need clarification on a decision you've recently made.  Let Irene confirm your inner guidance.


Irene is also a Medical Intuitive.  Spirit can and does show her where you may have issues in your body, Spirit also shows foods that you may need and she has even received information on dental issues. She can see what Animal Totems are around you.  Past Lives can show up and your connection to Spirit.  She also can do Numerology and a Palm Reading during your session.    Irene can also bring in your pets that have crossed over into Spirit. 

So think about what you'd like her to do. 

Psychic Reading Prices:  $60.00 - 30 Minutes and $120.00 for 1 Hour

Psychic Readings can be done in Shop/Phone/Skype/FB Video

Mediumship Reading Prices:  30 Minutes  1-4 people can be anywhere from $60.00 - $180.00


1 Hour Session - 1-4 people can be $120.00 - $300.00

Mediumship Readings are done in Shop Only.


Past Life Regressions - Irene is certified under Hypnosis Motivational Institute and is also a Level II Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist. $200 a session 90mins - Up to 2hrs long.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique- Connect with your Past Lives then connect to your Higher Self to find all of the answers you seek to life long questions, situations, health issues.  Sessions can last between 3-4 hours depending on what we are dealing with.


Learn more here $350.00.  


Hands on Healing - $60.00 - 30 Minutes and $120.00 - 1 Hour

John of God Crystal Bed - $40.00 - 30 minutes and  $80.00 - 1 Hour

Ear Candling - $40.00 - 30 Minutes

Ionic Cleanse Footbath - $40.00 - 30 Minutes


15 Minute Phone or Skype Readings - $40.00

30 Minute Psychic Reading - $60.00

30 Minute Mediumship Reading - $60.00 for 1 person up to $150.00 for 4 people

1 Hour Psychic Reading - $120.00

1 Hour Mediumship - $120.00 for 1 person up to $300.00 for 4 people

1 Question Text Reading - $9.99

Animal Totem Reading - $30.00

Crystal Prescriptions - $30.00

Dream Interpretation- $40.00

Numerology Reading - $19.99

Love Life Compatibility Reading - $40.00

People Checkup - $30.00

Real Estate Inquiry - $30.00

Couples Counseling/Readings - $90.00 for 30 minutes and $180.00 for an hour.


I have the ability to tune into you both as a couple.  If there are issues you are dealing with and cannot express yourself to your partner; but you want confirmation on your feelings you may consider this service.  It's also fun to get confirmation on things about each other from a total stranger.  There's nothing better than someone having the ability to tune into your heart and soul and give you and your partner the insight that you are seeking.

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